On this website you can get an insight of my work, which consists primarily of site-specific total installations and art in public spaces. I work in a variety of media including sculpture, video, audio, text and graphics. The works are often created in collaboration with people from other professions, or in dialogue with people at the site of the work is created for.


Colourplates for Laven is a participatory work of art consisting of 358 unique plates corresponding to the number of citizens in the village of Laven.
The plates are designed as diagrams based on questionnaire surveys among the townspeople. The project is curated by the project space bull mengers. Read and see more here
Women Forward! -  A meeting between two generations of voices in art a group exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art on exhibit from May 13 to September 6, 2015 in connection with the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage in Denmark. The exhibition is curated by Ulla Angkjær Jørgensen and Birgitte Ejdrup Kristensen, who is also represented with the work My Museum at the exhibition.
Anna Klindt Sorensen at Sophienholm in connection with the 100th anniversary of Female Artists' Society.
The exhibition is curated by PhD, author and critic Eva Pohl and visual artist Birgitte Ejdrup Kristensen.

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