This work has been exhibited here:
Art Center Silkeborg Bad, Denmark.
Womens Museum, AArhus, Denmark.
Anna Klindt's 9 Gardens
Produced in 2009
Anna Klindts 9 Gardens is a portrait of the painter Anna Klindt Sørensen (1899-1985) created by artist Birgitte Kristensen (1975 -).

The exhibition is based on a real story of an internationally oriented, self-confident woman who relates to the her time and stages herself as an artist and as a woman. The exhibition thematizes how Anna Klindt Sorensen's contemporaries and posterity has handled her as historical and art historical material.

Anna Klindt Sorensen's personal history is the exhibition's focal point, but it is our common history and storytelling grounds which is its primary field of investigation. In the combination of local history, (gender) cultural history and art the artist Birgitte Kristensen challenges dilemmas associated with creating a portrait, including the challenges of providing an accurate picture of our shared social history.

This is done through interactive installations, sculptures, video, audio, text and archival material. Anna Klindts 9 Gardens is both a history, a meta story, and an proposal for a new way to experience, to write, and to present both art history.

Lene Laigaard Andersen (2008)

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