This work has been exhibited here:
Kunsthal Viborg, Denmark.
Charlotte's Journey to Greenland
Produced in 2013
Charlotte's Journey to Greenland is based on a Journey to Greenland, which I have undertaken in another person's place. Journey to Greenland is a continuation of my previous artistic work with the exhibition Anna Klindts 9 Gardens, where I used what it means to enter into another person's place as an artistic method.

Charlotte was a woman my age. She had a dream of going to Greenland and had planned a trip in the summer of 2010. She died of cancer in the spring, 37 years old. I decided to undertake the journey in her place - as a gesture to her. An impossible wish that 'she' should nonetheless be allowed to experience Greenland.

In the work I live, so to speak her life on after she is dead. I have for a limited period (the length of the journey) tried to live myself into her personality and do what I imagined she would have done and said. At the same time, 'Charlotte' becomes a frame where I can explore and 'adjust' my own identity.

The exhibition consists of a diary uncluding text, video, audio and objects based on notes and recordings on my trip as well as a large scale video installation.
Watch the movie Charlotte's Journey to Greenland (10:00 min)

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Link: Charlottes rejse til Grønland

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