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The installation was show at the SPOR-festival 2011
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The Production of this work was supported by DIEM (Denmark's National Center of Electronic Music), The Danish Arts Council and Kulturudviklingspuljen, The City of Aarhus.
Sound video luminous globes
Produced in 2011
Dhyaana is Sanskrit for contemplation, meditation and mental activity. By analogy with the previous experience included in current thinking, Dhyaana draw its material from recycling from the internet mixed with new footage, compiled and processed in a collage of subjective and collective memories. The experience of the work is a journey into space, past and present, across cultures and the individual's own personal 'store room'. The soundtrack for the installation is composed by the electronic composer Birgitte Alsted.
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Link: Alsted & Kristensen: Dhyaana | SEISMOGRAF

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