This work has been exhibited here:
The work was shown in the city spaces of Aalborg
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This work was supported by The City of Aalborg (Aalborg Kommunes Kunstråd), F.L. Schmidt and The City of Aarhus (Kulturudviklingspuljen).
Five Landscapes
Soil, plants and internet
Produced in 2006
This work of art was made in collaboration with sculptor Marie Markman and was realised in the city spaces of Aalborg during six weeks in the sommer of 2006. Five indentical pieces of landscape were placed at five different locations in the city; the parking lot by Bilka; Sorthøj in Hasseris, at the old Eternit-site, at the harbour by the railway bridge and in the residential neighbourhood Beatesmindevej. Amongst other things the landscapes consisted of flowering cabbages, a bench, a barrel of water and a watering-can and they were shaped so that one could stay there in the landscapes for a while. The opening of the exhibiton took place as a busride to three of the five landscapes.

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