This work has been exhibited here:
The singular plates are situated in the homes of the citizens of Laven.
This work has been represented here:
The work was presented at Laven Antiquarian Bookshop the 27th of February 2016.
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The work is initiated by bull mengers
Colourplates for Laven
Ceramic plates
Produced in 2016
This work consists of ceramic plates which appear as circle diagrams of the colour preferences of the citizens of Laven. The information behind these diagrams is compiled from the result of a survey conducted among the 392 citizens of Laven. This diverse statistic material where the individuals have expressed their personal colour preferences constitutes the foundation of this piece. Inspired by a colour collection devised by Le Corbusier in 1959 Birgitte Kristensen has interpreted the colours and then developed them in cooperation with Tommerup Ceramic Workshop, where each plate is produced by hand. The plates have come to life in the homes of the citizens who have chosen a plate each to use as decoration or utility item as they please. Hereby the art work becomes lasting as it has been spread out among the households of the citizens. Additionally, the citizens have been able to choose freely among the plates, as the answers of the surveys where anonymous. The village and the citizens are thus bound together in a new way because of this statistical piece.
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Link: Farveklaviatur til Laven

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